Students have helped increase brand awareness through new online strategy

  • Michal Stoklasa
  • 19.08.2019
Simply You Pharmaceuticals a.s. is a company that sells dietary supplements, pharma-cosmetics, and medical devices. In addition to the Czech Republic, it operates in more than 30 countries around the world. Its media budget is among the TOP 10 most advertising companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Among the most famous products of the company can be ranked, for example, the preparation Clavin or Dr. Weiss products. The company's goal is to bring high-quality and effective products onto the market which are supported by professional information service provided by not only doctors, specialists, specialists in pharmacies, but above all to end-customers who want to take care actively of their health. Student Patrik Durčák, Adéla Halouzková, Ondřej Prokop and Nicole Raszková under the direction of the operator Matěj Kuba were tasked to handle the marketing strategy for a dietary supplement - Decolen, which is a product designed for women and is used for fullness, strength and healthy bust.

After the initial meeting, the students went to the company headquarters, where together with the product manager and marketing manager of the company agreed to the development and a clear direction in which they want to develop the job itself.
At the beginning of the students analysed the product and target audience through qualitative research. Team members conducted in-depth interviews with 30 pre-selected respondents. Since the product is intended for women, all of the respondents were women. Those were selected by students according to a different age group, and also to further diversify the portfolio of the respondents on the basis of education and other factors.
Thanks to this analysis, they determined the strengths and weaknesses of the product and the ideal target audience. Since the people in recent years have increasingly been interested in the composition of the products, so as one of the greatest strengths we can highlight the purely natural composition of the product. On the contrary, we can consider a weakness that the people generally, without previous experience, do not believe products of this type.
One of the key questions of the interview itself was: "What made you decide to purchase the Decolen product?" More than once, the same response repeated: "Positive reviews of users that already have tried this preparation". Thanks to this response, the team of students could optimize their marketing communications and then spread the reviews themselves among potential users.
Based on these data, then students have decided on what channels of communication to look for and what direction the implementation should go.

Social networks
Within social networks, the team decided to focus on Facebook and Instagram, where they decided to apply a recognized worldwide marketing model to marketing communications: "See Think Do Care", whose principle is to divide customers into 4 groups. To each of these groups, a different communication with the customer (see sketch below) was then applied. 
The aim of this strategy was to extend brand awareness of the Decolen brand and at a later stage to get the customer to visit a Web page with an ideal scenario for the purchase through the e-shop.

For content creation, the team members decided to shoot photos of the product and subsequently to form on their basis graphically modified posts, which will be ready for publication on the social networks. Under the Facebook Ads Manager then they chose a specific audience based on the data from the above research.

Due to the fact that so far there was no Facebook profile, the team of students was looking for a solution on how phase to reach the largest possible number of users at "See" stage, and get the first few hundreds up to thousands of fans. They decided to take advantage of the not too original, but very effective, simple competition based on the principle of "Tag your friend and win". Thanks to its simplicity this type of competition is just perfect for winning the core audience. Firstly, the principle of this competition is very simple and all Facebook users have to do is just to click a few times. Secondly, tagging each user has a huge reach, thus the post gets to a large number of people.
At "Think" stage they put emphasis on the publication of user reviews of the product and made the targeted users acquainted with the benefits of the preparation. One of the downsides of the product which resulted from the analytical part was that many of the respondents replied that they were concerned about those preparations because they were full of hormones and chemistry. Students, therefore, decided to shoot a series of photos in nature, to highlight the purely natural composition of the Decolen preparation. At the same time, they created a poster, where they pointed to the benefits that the product offers in comparison to plastic surgery.
The aim of "Do" stage is, in particular, is to click the web with the ideal scenario for the purchase, therefore, the students decided to attract the customers through limited offers and a variety of special events. The aim of these offers is to awaken the feeling with a customer that if he/she does buy the right now, tomorrow he/she will not have a similar chance.
At "Care" stage they created a loyalty program, thanks to which regular customers enjoy benefits in the form of promotions or free shipping options. In addition, a bit unconventionally at "Care" stage they decided to carry out another competition. This competition was given a quite different meaning than the competition at "Do" stage. It targets users that have already purchased the product and tested it. These users will then have a chance to win so that they will write a review on Decolen, and as previously mentioned, the reviews of users for this product are of one of the strongest marketing tools and these reviews may be used for further promotion of the product.
For better brand awareness, students chose to pick a few influencers who could publicize the Decolen product. They focused in particular on the so-called micro-influencers who are the users who do not have the number of thousand followers, but their audience consists of, for example, 10 000 users. These influencers have an advantage in that their fans are a very relevant audience, since they cannot see the commercial celebrities, but ordinary people. In addition, with fewer followers, they are financially less costly.

Web pages
In addition to working on social networks, students directed their attention on Web sites and their possible shortcomings. In particular, the students prepared the analysis of the keywords, and then designed the SEO optimization, in order to achieve a better position when searching through the websites, such as Google and Seznam.
Additionally, students designed classified ads in search engines. To do this, they decided to use Google AdWords and Sklik. Thanks to these tools, advertisers can appear in the paid search results through Google's and Seznam’s search engines. Both of these services then operate on the principle of pay per click called PPC (pay per click).
In addition, they proposed several changes that were intended for a better overview of webpages and the attractiveness of the website. For example, they added the option to buy the product on the Web itself, since this option had not been previously available. Further, they suggested the location of user reviews directly on the main page of the website, in order to achieve the greater credibility of the product.
The contracting authority and the team of students at Business Gate Academy were excited about cooperation and the final presentation and at the moment, negotiations are underway for further cooperation. For students, it is a great experience, as they have the opportunity to test, what the real practice is like while attending a regular cycle of workshops where they have the opportunity to learn from the professionals in the marketing industry. In addition to this great experience, students’ participation in the Academy program has brought a lot of new friends, and that is priceless.