Indian students at the SU SBA

  • Michal Stoklasa
  • 10.12.2018
Do you know that you can study in English at the SBA?

Certainly, this is what Indian students know, who enrolled in the winter semester 2018/19 at our faculty for full-time studies in the Master’s course of Business Economics and Management, specializing in Marketing and Business. The condition of admission to study is a completed bachelor study and obtaining a residence permit in Czechia, or in the EU in the Schengen area. Their path to study in Karvina began in India, where they had to pass an admission procedure that is equivalent to the students' entrance exam to our Master’s course of Business Economics and Management. In addition to a standard test in mathematics, statistics and economics, they had to pass an English-language test at a professional level. After passing the exam, they had to apply for residence visas for study at the Delhi Embassy, and go through a complex round of interviews and verification session through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Interior in Prague. Subsequently, our university provided an assessment of the recognition of a bachelor diploma in the recognition process, confirming the equivalence of the bachelor's degree from India with our educational system. After being granted visas, they could arrive to study here. 

At the SBA, we believe that our students will succeed in study and life in Karviná and that you will meet them regularly in the corridors and during various faculty events. Do not hesitate to greet them and address them, they are open young people from a bit different world and different thinking, but they belong here at the SBA. Below you can find their short introductions.


I'm Visakh Raj from Kerala, INDIA.

The opportunity to learn in English and the quality of education system makes this country a perfect option for students. Being one of the youngest universities in the state, the Silesian University provides its students with everything one may need to successfully complete his or her course.


I am Sarath T. Mallika from the state, which is in the southernmost part of India. The Silesian University offers everything that a student desires from a very good learning environment to friendly teachers. The Czechia is a really good option for students as it lies in the middle of Europe and has many reputable universities and also best study programmes.


I am Ebin J. Raphael. I am from Cherthala which is a small town in the state of Kerala, India. I have chosen this country because of the higher standard of education and also because of an excellent life style and culture from which I could learn much more. The country is an international hub for students and so we can see here and learn different culture from the diverse students. The country is situated in the Central Europe so I can experience the quality of Europe.


I am Shinto Jacob. I am from Kerala, India. I chose this university because they provide good quality education. They give more care to students, too. The reason why I chose Czechia is because it is in Central Europe and it is one of the safest countries in Europe for students. The probability of getting a job after graduation from the university is quite high for me. I am enjoying my stay here.


I am Ms. Prathiba Kannan and I am a graduate of Computer Application. I am from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The reason why I chose Czechia is to get experience in a long term, to pick up local knowledge, meet diverse people and to experience new ways of teaching, learn self-reliance, and to gain global mind-set. The reason why I chose Slezská Univerzita is to take advantage of lower tuition fees but still study at a highly reputated university. The international experience provided by studying at Slezska Univerzita is likely to be looked at favourably by employers.


I would like to introduce myself, I am Benoy Porathukaran Luiz. I am from Kerala which is located in the south of India. I chose the Silesian University because it is a modern university in the heart of Europe. The university provides educational support for best practice in the field of Business Management. I prefer the Master’s degree in the country, because it has very high educational standards. The qualification I will receive has a high value in many other countries.


I am Mr. Dharanee Dharan Kuppusamy and I graduated in a field of Mechanical Engineering. I come from Tamil Nadu, India. I wished for doing a Master’s degree in Business. I also wished to explore central Europe so I chose this country and the Silesian University for its quick growth in short and because the faculty is experienced and world class.