Radegast Brewery Tour: A Cultural and Flavorful Experience

  • Veronika Novotná
  • 22.06.2023
A recent trip organized by the International Relations Office in early June was a great opportunity for international students to get a closer look at the Czech beer industry, part of the Czech cultural heritage.

Authors: Tuğba Sahin, Baran Yaşin, Veronika Maťková

Radegast is a respected Czech beer brand with a long history of brewing. This beer is typical of Czech pilsner, a type that emerged under the influence of Pilsen beers. Radegast has been produced at the brewery in Nošovice since the 1970s and has grown in popularity ever since. The taste of Radegast beer is more bitter than classic lager, which makes it unique. Radegast produces the most popular types of beer: 10 and 12 degrees. A new addition to the market is the tartar: extra bitter beer, which has become very popular. They also offer non-alcoholic Birell beers, including fruity variants that are suitable companions on hot summer days.

Radegast Brewery is one of the modern breweries in Czechia, and it's worth mentioning that they have fully automated beer warehouses with no human labor. By visiting this factory, international students learnt about the brewing process and have a unique experience of Czech culture.

When you step into the factory, an enchanting atmosphere greets visitors. Our guide provided interesting information about the history of the factory to our international student group, and he didn't hesitate to explain the details of the brewing process. Thanks to this excursion, students from Nigeria, Turkey, India and Morocco discovered the secrets of beer production and had a pleasant time tasting beer at the end of the tour.