Business Economics and Management

The objective of the doctoral degree program is to educate scientific research workers who will be able to work professionally at the level of international standards in the area of economic theory using modern mathematical-statistical methods, modern information technologies with the use of teamwork. The current issues will be addressed during the course, such as business management, marketing and logistics systems, small and medium-sized businesses, financial management of companies and financing of business activities, marketing of companies, coming under the research program of the SBA SU, projects solved within GAČR, FRVŠ etc. and cooperating domestic and foreign institutions.

The general topics of dissertation theses in Business Economics and Management are announced under the conditions of the admission procedure of the respective academic year.

The graduate of the doctoral degree program will obtain:

  • General skills:
    acquiring knowledge of the latest effective scientific, economic, and technical trends in globalization of the world economy, application of mathematical and statistical methods in scientific research work; use of information technologies in research and scientific work; communication, precise formulation of the specialization, procedure and results of professional work; communication and presentation of research knowledge and results in English, or in another foreign language.
  • Professional knowledge of economic theory, especially in the following areas:
    theory of the firm; management and entrepreneurship; corporate finance; business economy; decision making in economic systems.
  • Special knowledge and skills (according to the dissertation thesis):
    modeling of business systems and their effectiveness; principles of strategic management; corporate finance, finance and corporate governance; marketing management of companies; marketing logistics; Human Resource management; strategic thinking, methods of strategy creation and implementation.

The graduate will find employment as a scientific research worker and pedagogue at universities and research institutes dealing with research in the area of management, both in Czechia and abroad. The knowledge and skills acquired by the graduate can be applied to research and professional workplaces of industrial enterprises in the area of management, financing, logistics and marketing, as well as in commercial companies, services and public administration.

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