The School of Business Administration in Karviná (SBA) is a faculty of the Silesian University in Opava. The Silesian University is one of the youngest universities in Czechia. It was founded in 1991. Besides SBA, the Silesian University consists of the following faculties: Faculty of Philosophy and Science, Mathematical Institute, and Faculty of Public Policies. School of Business Administration is located in Karviná. Modern premises and facilities of the SBA offer a pleasant atmosphere for all students and faculty members.

There are approximately 2.000 registered students (full-time and part-time) and 80 faculty members. The SBA offers 3-year Bachelor programs, 2-year Master programs and a 4-year doctoral program. Master and doctoral programs Economics and Management, field of study Business Economics and Management are also fully taught in English ( The study majors include Business Economics and Management, Social Management, Banking, Public Administration, Accounting and Taxes, Managerial Informatics and others. Comprehensive blocks of subjects are also taught in English for Erasmus+ and non-degree students.