doc. RNDr. Michal Marvan, CSc.

Curriculum vitae

  • Undergraduate study at J.E. Purkyně University, Brno, Department of Mathematics (1976–1981).
  • Graduate study at Moscow State University, Chair of Higher Geometry and Topology (1983–1987).
  • Ph.D. Thesis: "Horizontal cohomology with general coefficients" (Moscow, 1989).
  • Habilitation at the Mathematical Institute of the Silesian University, Opava (2000).
  • Research:
    • Diffieties, the objects of the category of differential equations, introduced by A.M. Vinogradov at the end of seventies.
    • Symmetries, conservation laws, coverings, zero-curvature representations, recursion operators, Bäcklund transformations, and other invariants of partial differential equations.
    • Identification and classification of integrable systems, especially in differential geometry and physics.
  • From Feb. 8, 2013 to Feb. 10, 2014, a member of the Editorial Board of CEJM.
  • A member of the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Mathematics.
  • Projects: Jets – a set of Maple procedures for routine computations on jet spaces and diffieties. Emphasis is laid on solution of equations in total derivatives, linear and nonlinear, such as those determining infinitesimal symmetries, generating functions of conservation laws, zero-curvature representations, etc. (jointly with Hynek Baran)