The Institute of Pedagogical and Psychological Sciences

Study branch of Social Pathology and Prevention


Characteristics of the study branch (study program)

The program offers the students comprehensive sets of knowledge on social-pathological phenomena from the perspective of psychology, pedagogy and social work. In broader framework, it deals also with disciplines related to legal issues, knowledge from the area of social sciences, social policy and social work. Emphasis is put on interdisciplinary approach in broad context.

The Bachelor program respects the minimal educational standard of social work, corresponding to international norms, and focuses on creation of key competences, i.e. of a broad profile of graduate and worker with integrated general and professional education. The study also prepares the graduates for independent solving of problems and practice of specialized activities (social prevention, social-legal protection, screening and social analyses, social-legal consulting, social diagnostics). Although the program is primarily focused on their employment in practice, it constitutes sufficient base for subsequent two-year Master study.

Also foreign study sojourns, particularly in Slovakia, are used for high-quality preparation of the students.

Study goals

The goal of the studies consists in preparing professionally qualified and ethically responsible workers both in the area of pedagogy and of social work. The graduates will be for example able to assess independently and to solve, in cooperation with the client, the client’s difficult life situation; they will be able to communicate and to work with individuals and groups in different social situations; to perform basic consulting, analytic and planning activities. The relatively broad social-scientific base and the general concept of the studies support the comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to problems, the ability of their critical analysis and seeking of independent solutions. The acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills create the base and enable successful further studies of the subsequent Master branches of similar orientation at other faculties of the Czech Republic.