The Institute of Pedagogical and Psychological Sciences


  • The ESF OP VK project “Development of teachers’ competences related to reform” (2008-2011; ÚPPV as co-investigator)
  • ESF OP VK project “Social-pathological phenomena in pregraduate education” (2009-2012)
  • Project within Support to science and research in Moravian-Silesian Region 20+2, “Lecture activities, scientific cooperation and transfer of experience through foreign professionals at the Silesian University in Opava”, investigators: PaedDr. Miroslav Pilát, Ph.D. and Mgr. Darina Caloňová
  • IGS/12/2011 project “Theory of social inclusion after imprisonment”, investigator: PhDr. Igor Hendrych
  • IGS/13/2011, “Ways of spending leisure time in senior age”, investigator: Mgr. Kamil Janiš Jr.
  • IGS/17/2013 project “Analysis of daily motor activity of children from 10 to 13 years in Moravian-Silesian Region in relation to leisure time activities and their orientation”, investigator: Mgr. Kamil Janiš Jr.
  • ISIP/07/2014 “Profile of study subject of social pedagogy”, investigator: Mgr. Kamil Janiš
  • ESF OP VK project, “Sociological monitoring of educational inputs and outputs of children and pupils, including children and pupils with special educational needs in the Czech Republic”, CZ.1.07/1.2.00/47.0009 (2014-2015; for ÚPPV: Mgr. Marta Kolaříková, Ph.D and Mgr. Kamil Janiš, Ph.D.)