The Centre for Empirical Research


Name: Jana Tamfalová
Adress: Bezručovo nám. 14, 74601, Opava, Czech Republic
E-mail: jana.tamfalova (at)
Phone: +420 553 684 170


Head of the Centre:

PhDr. Dušan Janák, Ph.D.


Centre profile

The idea of creating the Centre for Empirical Research emerged in spring 2013; the Centre was officially established on August 1, 2013, as a pendant of the existing institutes. It is directed by PhDr. Dušan Janák, PhD. The Centre for Empirical Research (Centrum empirických výzkumů, CEV) systemizes and coordinates activities of the faculty in the area of applied research and public orders. Within the faculty, CEV provides three types of mutually interconnected activities. The priority consists in own research in the area of applied research and methodology of social sciences. The second area consists in provision of methodological supervision for empirical research to institutes, i.e. in assistance in proposing methodology, creating projects and organizing empirical research. The third area consists in teaching of methodological subjects for all faculty branches and in creation of the necessary standards for qualification works of students using empirical research.

Although only a short time has elapsed from the creation of CEV, it has made the first steps to fulfil the program, particularly in the area of applied research. The Centre has finished the public order of the Agency for Social Integration of the Cabinet Office of the Czech Republic called “Situational analysis of socio-economic development of the Osoblaha Region”; in cooperation with the Institute of Central European Studies, it is involved in qualitative research of political elites in the Euroregion Silesia Project, and provides for empirical research for TA ČR Project acquired by the Institute of Public Administration and Regional Policy. At present, the Centre for Empirical Research is working at the GAČR historical-sociological grant: “Industrial workers in Czech countries in 1938-1948” that should last until 2017.

CEV was involved in the research project of the Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Care, “Micro-business in social services”, together with the Business University in Ostrava, in 2011, or in the surveys of citizen satisfaction, “Opava as seen by its inhabitants 2012” and “Opava as seen by its inhabitants 2014”, for the Municipal Authority of the City of Opava. In 2014, the Centre for Empirical Research cooperated in creatin of the “Strategy of municipal-directed local development of Krnov Region” for the program period of 2014-2020 for the Development of Krnov Region MAS.

The students of the Faculty of Public Policies have been and will be involved in all above stated projects. The Centre has the ambition to involve the students systematically in research, as there is nothing better for acquisition of application-focused knowledge and skills than reflection of own practical experience.