Arrival & Departure

Before Arrival

After submitting the application forms and learning agreements duly signed and confirmed by the home university, the students will be contacted by the coordinator of FPP and will receive an information letter. The students will obtain information about accommodation which is arranged automatically at one of FPP´s hall of residences and students do not have to apply. The letter will also contain this information brochure and information about organisation of a particular academic year. Last but not least, the students will be informed about their timetables and organisation of study.

After Arrival

Foreign students coming to study at the FPS in Opava will obtain necessary information about their study from the Department of Science and Foreign Relations. First of all, the students should arrive to the hall of residence to be accommodated. The students will sign a contract about accommodation and will have to pay for the first month. During the first weeks of their stay the students will be given their student cards.

Study at FPS

The students will attend the lectures and seminars according to the subjects they applied for in their learning agreements. The exact timetable will be established during the first week of tuition. In case students need to make changes to their study plans, they should fill in the Changes to Learning Agreement and bring it to the Department of Science and Foreign Relations.

At the end of the semester the students are expected to pass the exams. The exact dates of exam period are different for each academic year. Before the exam period, the students will be asked to come to the coordinator and will be given the form Transcript of Records. The students are obliged to have their results of exams filled in in the transcript by their teachers. After receiving all the results the students are expected to bring the Transcript of Records to the coordinator.

Before departure

The students are obliged to inform the coordinator about the exact date of their departure at least one month before the departure.

The coordinator will prepare the necessary documents for the students. An official Transcript of Records and Confirmation of Erasmus Study Period will be given to students on departure but most often the home universities are notified by mail. The students should inform the Department of Halls of Residence and Canteens about their departure at least two weeks in advance so that the deposit could be returned.