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Frankfurt Summer School

přidáno 10.01.2018

Frankfurt Summer School organized by Goethe-University is going to take place from 16 July to 10 August 2018.

Frankfurt Summer School covers three different academic tracks:


1)      Legal Studies - Law in a Globalized World – Fundamental, International and Comparative Aspects

2)      Psychology - Social Psychology and Organizational Behaviour. The Psychology track is also open to students of related fields such as Business Administration, Political Science and Social Sciences.

3)      Natural and Life Sciences – Biodiversity and Global Change.


During the four weeks, participants will attend specialized seminars provided by researchers from Goethe-University plus German language courses. Also included is our diverse cultural programme in the City of Frankfurt, Heidelberg and Strasbourg. All courses are held in English.


Regular fees are € 2.100 (including accommodation). Application deadline is 31 March, 2018. If the students apply until the end of February, they will profit from the Early Bird Rate (€ 200). Please visit our website for further information about Frankfurt Summer School: