Review Process

The documents delivered are first assessed by the Editorial Assistant to verify whether they include all formal and technical requisites. Then they are assessed by the relevant member of the editorial staff guaranteeing the scientific discipline of the author of the manuscript. If the manuscript is all right formally and technically and if it complies with the requirements on expert texts in the specific discipline (history, political science and sociology / historical sociology), it is passed to review proceedings. The review proceedings are performed anonymously by two independent professionals, usually one national and one foreign professional. In case both reviewers recommend the manuscript for print without reservation, the manuscript is included in printing. If one or both reviewers discover partial deficiencies in the text, preventing the manuscript from being printed, the author is familiarized with them in order to arrange for rectification. After the rectification, the manuscript must undergo the review proceedings again.

In case of differing opinions of the reviewers, the article is sent to another professional for assessment. If also the other reviewer finds that the quality of the article does not fully meet the requirements on expert text, the manuscript is excluded from printing. The authors of the manuscripts are always informed by e-mail about the reviewers’ opinions. The final decision of printing of all articles is within the chief editors’ authority.