Mission of the Journal

The goal of Central European Papers (C.E.P.), international peer reviewed scientific journal, is to lay the foundations for broader international platform of closer cooperation of professional public within the branches of history, political sciences and sociology dealing with Central European space. The goal is to establish an interdisciplinary dialogue on the past, present and future of the exclusive space of Central Europe. We are confident that Central Europe both in narrower and in broader sense is a phenomenon deserving an international journal of similar orientation. We believe that a common region with common or at least very similar historical-political experience obliges, but motivates at the same time. But we want to understand the Central European area in broader sense, under full awareness of all difficulties related to the territorial delimitation of the region of Central Europe. The goal of the Journal consists in offering space for application of results of research of professionals whose specialized interest focuses on the area delimited by the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine and the Baltic States, i.e. in the area aspiring to broader denomination of Central-Eastern Europe. But we do not refuse broader geographic overlaps for that the space can be found in abundant amount in individual disciplines focused by the Journal.