Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts

Manuscripts should not exceed 63,000 characters including spaces, the total to include footnotes.

Submitted manuscripts should include an abstract in English up to 1,800 characters including spaces.

Book reviews should not exceed 25,000.

Texts should be submitted:

  • in Times New Roman script,
  • size 14,
  • single spaced.

Texts should be aligned evenly along both the left and right margins.

Do not break words.

Notes should be typeset as footnotes (not endnotes) and consecutively numbered, using 12 – size script, and single spaced. Arabic numerals should be used.

Insert the notes in text with the help of “Paste” and “Footnote”, or “Reference and “Paste footnote” commands, so that the numbers of the notes in text and of the footnotes are automatically included in form of superscript. Insert the notes always after punctuation.

Texts should begin with:

  • original title,
  • title in English,
  • the author’s name,
  • abstract in English,
  • keywords in English.

Texts should end with:

  • name and surname of the author with academic titles,
  • the author´s institution in original language,
  • the author´s institution in English,
  • address of the institution in original language, state in English,
  • e-mail.