Joint Degree Study Programme

Faculty of Public Policies now prepares Joint Degree Master Study Programme „Public Policy and Public Administration in the Central Europe“

Joint Degree Study Programme will allow interdisciplinary and comparative aproach to interpretation of Central Europe’s main issues and problems of particular central european countries. Students will be acquainted with development and transformation of public administration and even with broad listing of public policies and services, all in a context of political, economical and social development of Central Europe. Methodological  training will be imporatnt part of the tuition as well. Students also will have opportunity to take part in various research projects on all partner faculties.

Students will start studies on their home fakulty, second and third semester they will spend on partner schools and then will come back to home faculty, where they will pass final exams. Integral element of whole joint degree programme will be teacher exchanges, when selected teachers will lecture same subject on all partner schools. Joint degree programme is proposed for max 30 students in one grade.