Economic, Social and Political Aspects of Central Europe

CEEPUS Network Economic, Social and Political Aspects of Central Europe was established in 2012 with a intent to create stronger platform of cooperation between faculties from the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic and Poland. There was a long tradition of student and teacher exchange mobilities between partner universities. Closer relationships between partner universities will lead to better conditions for other education and research activities which have important interdisciplinary and international overlap.

Czech and Polish partner universities of renewed network offering in 2016/2017 to students study of subjects focused to current political, social and economic development as in particular partner countries as in region of tranformating post-communist countries or in the wider European context. The permanent goal of the CEEPUS network cooperation is deepen student’s mutual information about neighboring countries and teach them to interpretate particular occurences and changes from the aspect of Central European development or in wider, european context. Mutual information and knowledge of the wider context will be able to offer to students the better orientation in further study and career and also better chances to find employment in Central European or European labour markets.

Nowadays, when all participating universities offers doctoral study programs, we want to widen cooperation possibilities in that field. Students of doctoral study programmes will participate in short term mobilities dedicated to consultations, literature or archive search, quantitative or qualitative reserch data comparison as a part of student’s PhD. thesis. Students of bachelor or master study programmes will participate on long term mobilities.

The intensity of cooperation in our CEEPUS network will be strengthened by using of quality information and communication background. All partner universities will communicate within electronic conferences and videoconferences. The informative webpage will be run and will be improved icluding Moodle Aplications and of scientific articles library of particular participants. Students, teachers and parts of universities will be introduced activities to our CEEPUS Network and they haven´t been connected to CEEPUS and the possibility to join our CEEPUS Network will be opened for other participants and other partner universities.

The teaching of the courses within the student and teacher mobilities will be prepared in English language.

All partner universities use the ECTS and these credits which will be obtained within the student exchange mobilities, they will be accepted to students at all partner univesrsities.

Further network development:
1. Acquiring new network participants, mainly from Central and South Eastern Europe (Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia).
2. Expanding the activities of existing network. Based on the evaluation of the results and feedbacks from teachers and students will be possible to edit/update the content of individual subjects or add new ones. Expanding the range of activities (summer schools and professional excursions, both for students and teachers).
3. Improving and expanding electronic network facilities.