Admission Requirements - General Information

The applicants for admission must hold the General Certificate of Secondary Education and are expected to pass the entrance exams. The admission procedure starts with the submission of the application form and the registration fee payment. The deadline for the submission of applications is usually February 28 for the next academic year. Applicants are invited to the entrance exams by mail. The application form can be filled in by hand and submitted by regular mail, or filled in on-line here:
Applicants from abroad must enclose a copy of a Certificate testifying to their command of the Czech language issued at one of the accredited institutions in the Czech Republic.
The application forms completed in hand should be sent to:
Studijni oddeleni FPF SU
Bezručovo náměstí 13
746 01 Opava
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 653 684 245

Email: studium(at)

In case of doctoral study to:
Bc. Eva Jakubcová
Filozoficko-přírodovědecká fakulta
Oddělení pro vědu a zahraniční styky
Bezručovo nám. 13
746 01 Opava
Phone: +420 553 684 252
Email: eva.jakubcova(at)