Témata bakalářských a diplomových prací


Lingvistika -  Doc. PhDr. Pavel Kolář, CSc.

  1. English and Czech pet names - a comparative study
  2. English and Czech surnames - a comparative study
  3. English and Czech nick-names - a comparative study
  4. US place names
  5. American English - historical perspective
  6. Dialects of American English


Lingvistika - Mgr. Markéta Johnová, Ph.D.

  1. Cultural Expressions in Translation
  2. Translating Puns and Ambiguities
  3. Translating Taboo and Swear Words
  4. Translating Possessive Pronouns
  5. A Comparative Analysis of Two Translations
  6. Syntactic Analysis of Newspaper Headlines
  7. Syntactic Analysis of Advertisement Slogans
  8. Grammatical and Lexical Cohesion in the TV series XY


Lingvistika - PhDr. René Kron

  1. French Vocabulary in English
  2. Spanish Vocabulary in English
  3. German Vocabulary in English
  4. Yiddish Vocabulary in English
  5. Taboo Words in English
  6. Euphemisms in English
  7. Politically Correct Vocabulary in English
  8. Acronyms and Abbreviations in English
  9. Leetspeak
  10. Foreign Vocabulary in English
  11. Incantation: The Poetry of Power
  12. Glossolalia and Barbarous Words of Invocation
  13. Magical Narrative: Symbols, Codes and Metaphors
  14. Words of power in English
  15. Russian Vocabulary in English


Literatura a reálie - Mgr. Radek Glabazňa, M.A., Ph.D.

  1. The interplay of verse and narration in love poems of Carol Ann Duffy
  2. Leonard Cohen as a poet of desire
  3. Creolization in the poetry of Derek Walcott
  4. The dystopian impulse in J. G. Ballard’s post-millennial fiction
  5. ‘Dream Logic’ in the art of David Lynch
  6. Parents and children in Hanif Kureishi’s fiction
  7. From the wrong end of the telescope: Peter Carey’s historical novels
  8. Fredric Jameson’s negotiation of the postmodern
  9. The landscape of Kathleen Jamie’s poems
  10. From hope to despair: Chinua Achebe’s image of postcolonial Africa


Literatura a reálie - PhDr. Michaela Weiss, Ph.D.

  1. American autobiographical writing
  2. The role of family in contemporary American Jewish literature
  3. Modern myths and fairytales in Jeanette Winterson’s fiction
  4. The image of London in Peter Ackroyd and Jeanette Winterson
  5. Contemporary feminisms
  6. Exile and migration in American literature
  7. Autobiography in comics
  8. Jewish Superheroes in comics and series
  9. Bob Dylan as a poet and visionary
  10. A literary (cultural) topic of your choice


Literatura a reálie - Mgr. Marie Crhová, Ph.D.

  1. Recent Reforms in Welfare state in the UK
  2. Succession to the Crown Act of 2013
  3. UK and the European Union
  4. Urban culture and the Civil Rights Movement in the USA
  5. Media ownership in the USA
  6. Concept of National Interest in the USA
  7. Popular press and social change
  8. Education Reforms in the United Kingdom
  9. Cultural Aspects of Czech – British Relations
  10. Cultural Aspects of Czech - U.S. Relations


Literatura a reálie - PhDr. Diana Adamová

  1. Seamus Heaney´s Contribution to Irish Culture
  2. Ciaran Carson´s Belfast Confetti
  3. Formative Influence of the Belfast Group
  4. Irish Authors in the USA
  5. Modern Gothic Novels
  6. Current Social Issues in Novels for the Young Adults
  7. Portrayal of Taboo in Literature
  8. Representation of Minorities in Pop Culture


Literatura a reálie - Mgr. Dan Jedlička, M.A.

  1. The Movement and the Group: Two Major Streams in Post-War British Poetry
  2. The Liverpool Poets & Pop Poetry
  3. Post-War British Poetry in Anthologies, 1955-1970
  4. Woman in a Man's World: British Female Poets in the Sixties
  5. Genre Subversion in Graham Greene's and John LeCarré's Spy Novels


Didaktika - Mgr. Lenka Jašková

  1. Advantages of Using Project Work in ELT
  2. Use of Gate Magazines in English lessons
  3. How to Use Short Stories in the Lesson
  4. What does the Role of the Teacher Depend on
  5. Motivational Activities for Learners of English at the Beginning of 21st century
  6. Effective Ways of Correction and Assessment of Writing in ELT
  7. Supporting Student-autonomy in ELT
  8. The Role of Grammar-Translation Method in Today´s World of ELT
  9. How to Help English Students Develop their Reading Skills
  10. Think or sink? The Importance of Correct Pronunciation in the Process of Learning English


Didaktika - Mgr. Marie Machničová

  1. Teaching pronunciation
  2. Learning pronuciation
  3. Borrowings in South African English
  4. Integration of students with special needs in English lessons.
  5. Montessori schools in Czech education system.
  6. New Maturita: the way to successful English language learning.